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I brush and floss my teeth. Why do I still get cavities?

People have different needs, and dentistry is no different! If you brush your teeth twice daily and feel frustrated by constant diagnoses of cavities, you may want to come in for a consultation to determine how you can fend off decay and keep your smile healthy.

It could be your diet. While most people are aware of the connection between sugary snacks and dental decay, they don’t always know that starchy foods can cause the same issues. Starch converts to sugar during the digestion process, which begins in your mouth. Bagels, corn flakes, potato chips, and popcorn can all have a similar effect on teeth. Avoiding these foods or brushing your teeth after consuming them can keep your enamel healthy.

It could be your family’s health. Just as bacteria that cause illnesses like strep throat are contagious, the bacteria that cause decay and gum disease are also transferrable through kissing and sharing utensils. Taking care of the oral health of your entire family will help you stay healthier.

Your teeth may be extra groovy. Having deep grooves in your teeth can provide a home for food particles and bacteria. Dental sealants create a barrier between food particles and the bacteria that feed off of them. They are much more affordable and less invasive than having regular fillings.

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