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Quality Dental Plan


Quality Dental Plan is a discount dentistry option that helps patients without insurance receive more affordable treatment. For a flat yearly fee, you receive preventive and diagnostic services as well as a discount on all other dental treatment. The costs are low and allow you to save money without the premiums associated with dental insurance.

You can avoid the red tape that comes along with trying to justify your treatment to an insurance company. You and Dr. Dave have full control over your covered services. Quality Dental Plan gives patients without insurance an incentive to stay on track with their oral healthcare.

  • No monthly premiums, deductibles, or annual limits
  • Discounts on dental services
  • No waiting periods
  • No paperwork
  • All treatment from your dentist
  • Enroll anytime

The plan is $299 per year and $249 per year for each additional family member.

The membership includes:

  • 2 recall visits (exams, x-rays, cleanings)
  • A take-home whitening kit
  • 30 percent discount on most dental procedures (excluding Invisalign and KöR whitening)

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