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Crowns and Bridges

Our teeth work hard for us every day! It is not a surprise that sometimes they need a repair from all the chewing they do. Decay, trauma, and injuries can also damage our teeth. We provide high-quality dental crowns to prolong the life of your tooth.

What Is a Dental Crown?

We can often repair small chips with dental bonding, but when a significant amount of tooth structure is involved, your tooth may need more stability than bonding or a filling can provide. Dental crowns completely cover your tooth structure from your gumline to the chewing surface of your tooth and absorb force as you chew.

Dental crowns come in a wide variety of materials from porcelain to metal and porcelain blends and even gold. The type of material that will work best for you depends upon your bite, your oral health, and your goals for your smile.

Dr. Dave makes sure that your crown fits perfectly and seals out bacteria so you can enjoy better oral health and comfort!

How Dental Crowns Work

Dr. Dave will make sure you are completely comfortable for any dental procedure in our office. We know the importance of comfort during dental treatments! He will then remove all the damaged tooth structure and take an impression of your tooth for creating your custom dental crown.

While our skilled dental lab creates your restoration, Dr. Dave will place a temporary crown to protect your tooth until your permanent restoration arrives. Finally, he will make any last adjustments to ensure a good fit and permanently bond your crown to your tooth.

Fixed Dental Bridges

Losing a natural tooth is never ideal, but we know that sometimes these things happen. We provide a number of options to replace your missing teeth. A common choice for many patients is a dental bridge. 

A dental bridge is an artificial tooth suspended by crowns attached to two of your natural teeth. Dr. Azenheimer will create your dental bridge to match your smile so that your dentistry blends in perfectly.

Having a dental bridge means a little extra attention to keep it clean. You will need to keep food particles from collecting around and beneath your bridge. You might find it beneficial to use a Waterpik or a floss threader. Keeping your gums healthy is important to your investment in your smile.

Since your dental bridge is suspended between two healthy teeth, it is a good idea to avoid chewing certain foods on your dental bridge. Sticky and hard foods could damage your dentistry! You should always avoid chewing ice and hard candy on both your natural teeth and your restorations.

Do You Have a Damaged or Missing Tooth?

Contact Shoreland Dental today! We can provide you with good advice and multiple treatment options so you can make a great decision about the future of your smile!

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