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KöR Teeth Whitening

A stained smile can make you feel self-conscious about the way you look. Though stained teeth are a natural part of the aging process, we live in a society that values bright, white smiles. If you drink coffee, tea, or red wine, you may find that your teeth prematurely darken, making you look older than you really are – something most of us try to avoid!

Dr. Dave tried many different professional teeth whitening products but found their results lacking or they caused unnecessary sensitivity. When he discovered KöR Whitening, he knew he was on to something great!

KöR Professional Teeth Whitening Systems

At Shoreland Dental, we have used KöR Whitening for years. We offer every type of system in our Hazlet dental office because we know that our patients each have different needs. 

KöR Home

Custom KöR Home teeth whitening kits offer daytime or nighttime wear options, depending on your needs and use a special formula of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide solution that gradually bleaches away the stains on your teeth.

KöR Home uses custom whitening trays that lock the professional teeth whitening gel in place, on your teeth, and keep it away from your gums. You can reuse your custom trays for future touch-ups.

KöR Max

Our most popular system, KöR Max combines one in-office whitening treatment with our custom take-home system. This gives you an effective jump start on your whitening and makes treatment faster.

KöR Ultra and KöR Ultra-T 

For challenging stains such as tetracycline and fluorosis, these high-powered whitening systems can provide excellent results. Both combine in-office with take-home teeth whitening to address even the most stubborn stains. With regular maintenance, you can achieve a lifelong white and bright smile.

Ongoing Teeth Whitening Maintenance

For the best results, it will be necessary to periodically perform an at-home whitening touch-up. How often this is necessary depends on you and your lifestyle. For tobacco users and coffee drinkers, this may be necessary every couple of months. For patients who avoid staining habits, you may be able to touch up a couple of times a year and maintain your smile.

Natural-Looking Results

Teeth whitening works by bleaching away stains from your teeth but will not give you an unnaturally white appearance. Our teeth darken from foods, beverages, and tobacco but will not be whiter than the teeth of your youth. While teeth whitening products work best on certain types of stains, KöR provides excellent results in almost any case. This is one of the reasons we have chosen it for the benefit of our patients.

Would You Like a Whiter Smile?

Contact Shoreland Dental today to schedule a consultation and learn which KöR teeth whitening system will work best to give you a bright and beautiful smile.

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