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Root Canal Treatment

We are used to seeing a certain look on patients’ faces when we recommend root canal therapy to treat an infection. We know that few procedures in dentistry are more dreaded than the root canal, but Dr. Azenheimer and our team take the stress and fear our of root canal therapy!

Why Root Canal Treatment?

Chances are that if you have received a recommendation for a root canal that you have infection in your tooth. Often the first sign of an internal tooth infection is pain and inflammation. You may also feel especially sensitive to hot and cold foods or have a small lesion on your gums. Root canal pain can radiate outward and create soreness in your face, cheeks, and neck. The swelling may also spread and feel like a lot of pressure, especially when you lie down.

In order to completely eliminate your pain and the infection causing it, Dr. Dave needs to clean out and sterilize your tooth. This is the procedure known as root canal treatment. Without this tooth-saving treatment, you may face a dental extraction and the infection can potentially involve nearby teeth and your bone.

How Root Canal Therapy Works

We know many patients have fear of pain from root canal treatment. The treatment itself, however, actually eliminates pain! The symptoms are the cause of the greatest discomfort. By treating the root of the problem, we can restore both your health and comfort.

Dr. Dave can complete root canal treatment in one visit for most situations and will always begin treatment by making sure you feel completely comfortable. He will numb your tooth and make sure that the anesthetic takes full effect before getting started. He will then access the interior your tooth and clear out any debris, infection, and damaged tissue before sterilizing the area.  By doing this, he assists your body’s natural immune system with the healing process and helps prevent reinfection.

Post-Root Canal Treatment

Once Dr. Azenheimer completes your root canal, he will place a temporary restoration on your tooth to protect it and seal out food and bacteria during the healing process. You may feel a little sensitivity for a few days, but over this time, you will continue to improve.

Once healing is complete, Dr. Dave will recommend a permanent restoration to stabilize your tooth. Root canals make teeth more brittle and prone to breaking. In most cases, we will recommend a dental crown to prolong the life of your tooth.

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If you are experiencing pain or you have had a root canal recommendation, we will take care of you and provide you with gentle and effective treatment that gives you a healthy and comfortable smile again.

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